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star sign? Your zodiac sign, also known as your Sun sign, is based on a range of dates that lasts about a month. (Jan Feb 18) It enters Libra at the Fall Equinox, and it enters Capricorn at the Winter Solstice, or the shortest day of the year. So in Vedic astrology, the Aquarius dates would be February March

While gathering the facts and the resulting discussions can be as amusing as they are, occasionally, informative, adopt a tough viewpoint. At the moment, they could be a waste of your time. Libra September 23 — October 22 After months of struggling with situations which required discretion or that you compromise in certain ways, the tide has turned. Once you understand that, everything else will begin to make sense. True, some are demanding.

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Still, stick to it. Aquarius January 20 — February 17 No sign is better at finding a way to sidestep setbacks, all while sticking to your original plan. Now, however, what seem mere difficulties are prompting you to conduct a top to bottom review of those plans or your vision. Suresh Menon Oct 9, Lead with your heart, and pursue your bliss for big reward! Can you keep what you give away? The universe says yes, Cancer. On Tuesday, share information with others who want to collaborate with you. Go off the grid, relax, and recharge. Sometimes Love says no, Leo.

Your Horoscope for the Week of September 17

Strike the right balance between compassion and honesty. Libra Season will kick off a intellectual and communication glow-up this weekend. Happy Birthday, Virgo! Will you find the divine in the details, or will the big picture set you free? Tuesday will show you the right balance between micro and macro, and your abundance tour starts on Friday, when the universe boosts your financial prowess. Your money will work for you, not the other way around, this fall.

Is it all about me or all about we, Libra? Tuesday will have you feeling inspired to speak up and listen.

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Libra Season begins on Saturday! The universe shines for you and sings a sweeter song to make all your wishes come true. An early happy birthday to you! Feeling emotional, Scorpio? But in your attempts to get everyone on board with this spirit, do not force those closest to you into your exact way of thinking and behavior. Learn to give for the sake of the gesture and not care as much as what people do with the gift.

Those who matter most need your care in order to survive and will turn to you in important moments. You don't need to go searching for them; they're likely right by your side, ready celebrate your exquisite spirit and enjoy life alongside you. Jennifer Lawrence, born August November will teach you the importance of giving space to the people around you. As you proclaim most things, you proclaim you know this, but this month, you'll really learn it. Because you're so generous and loyal, you struggle to see how those close to you can feel slighted by you.

You often mimic their behavior back to them if they're silent, you're silent without really acting from your heart. So, this month, act from your heart. You'll need a Cancer or a Pisces to consult with and confide in.

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Be that person who texts first, calls first, suggests a night for dinner. It's okay. We know that underneath all that performed perfection is a huge heart. You've been keeping busy this fall, chasing both your dreams and the stability of a consistent income. The latter provides so much solace to you, as without it you can get very anxious. Of course, this can be true for anyone, but for you, it's an absolute necessity to know when the check is coming in and what numbers are on it. There is at least one person in your life who looks to you the way you look at that check, and this might only be a good thing for them.

This month, try to look to your friends who appreciate your loving nature, but also don't depend on it to be happy.

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  • These more carefree spirits will be the ones who will drag you out from a deep routine and into the light of possibility. It is in this light that you will see your next steps: your steady check, and a future that can build. Look to the ones who believe in what you will be, not just what you are now. You always bring the right gift, your attire is impeccable, and you never overstay your welcome. They'll unbutton that top button. They'll take you out for drinks on a Monday night.

    Might this person be a fire sign? Either way, fire is coming into your year. Sure, it's late, but it's also time. And what this fire is here to tell you is that you're most impressive when you're most free and truly yourself. We know you're capable of teaching Restraint to everyone on Earth, but that's not the real you.

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    There are so many things still left for you to do. You dream about them all the time.

    Taurus (April 21 - May 20)

    But they're going to happen only if you open the door and let something new in. You'll be feeling some family fever this month, whether that means settling down with the one you love or expanding who you call your kindred. If you've been slow to tell the ones you love how much they mean to you, then now is a good time for them to hear it.


    Although you do have a very hard time expressing your feelings, it's good to remember that the more you express them, the more love is possible. Your family fever will also bleed into the domestic arena. You might consider yourself a bit of a loner, which is not entirely incorrect.

    Rising Through The Darkness: The Next Five Years 2018-2023 Astrology Lecture W/The Leo King

    However, you'll find yourself longing for a home where you can find everyone you love. Perhaps you might consider throwing more parties as the weather gets darker and colder.